How has Latin America influenced the USA?

Date: Sunday 16 August

Time: 13:00 to 14:30

Cost: £6.00/£4.00

Location: tbc

Chairs: Dr Mervyn Bain

Participants: Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Professor Patience Schell, Jason Boxt

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The Hispanic population in the USA exceeded 50 million at the start of 2011.  As a group who have traditionally under-participated at the polling booth, the number of eligible voters has doubled in the last 15 years and over one million young Hispanics turn 18 this year, which means potentially one million new voters ready to flex their political muscle.  So, what is the influence of this critical mass on America in terms of politics, culture, technology and business? Join Chair Dr Mervyn Bain, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations in Latin America, University of Aberdeen and panellists Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, author of What if Latin America Ruled the World?; Jason Boxt, US Pollster and Communications Specialist; and Professor Patience Schell, Chair in Hispanic Studies, University of Aberdeen.

Book signing – Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera be signing copies of his book What if Latin America Ruled the World? in the Garden Lobby immediately after the debate.